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April 16, 2008

Energy Crossroads has been confirmed as an 'Official Selection' for the 2008 REEL EARTH aotearoa environmental film festival in New Zealand. Screening select independent global environment films, hand selected from among 206 entries from 32 countries including New Zealand.  These top films include themes of natural history, environmental awareness, inspiring success stories, and environmental and social justice.

November 7, 2007

“Energy Crossroads” wins first place at the Colorado Environmental Film Festival.

“Energy Crossroads: A Burning Need to Change Course” won first place at the Colorado Environmental Film Festival, which is organized by the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE).

“I was very honored to receive this award,” said director, Christophe Fauchere, from Tiroir A Films Productions. “It’s especially meaningful since it came from the environmental community and such an educational organization as the CAEE.  I believe that the key to overcoming this impending energy crisis and avoiding a global environmental disaster is to educate the general public. Getting this award makes me think that I may have achieved my goal, which was to produce a film that doesn’t scare people, but rather informs them and calls them to action”. 

Tiroir A Films Productions is based in Colorado, the state whose citizens voted for the nation’s first renewable energy initiative. Fauchere goes on to add:

“I feel very fortunate to live in a state like Colorado.  It is one of just a handful of states attempting to shift the current paradigm to fight global warming; however, it’s just a start and we have to move much faster now. So far, what experts predicted in “Energy Crossroads” is happening today. But what is even more alarming is the fact that they are happening at an even faster rate than expected! Our planet seems to be warming more rapidly, triggering extreme and unusual weather patterns around the globe. A NASA study found that perennial sea ice in the Arctic is melting faster than previously thought. Between the 2005 winter and the 2007 winter, it shrunk by an area the size of Texas and California combined.  In addition to this, peak oil, according to a growing number of analysts, has already occurred in 2005, and rising crude oil prices keep pulling down economies around the world. We don’t have any time to waste.  Steve Andrews had a great quote that I, unfortunately, didn’t use in the film: “Business as usual is going to take us around a blind curve that has black ice on it and there is a brick wall in the middle of the road….and we are not responding fast enough. I hope that we will only get a fender bender instead of a real crack up!”.